A beautiful chapel for a wedding in Serifos Island! - KOUMPARES
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A beautiful chapel for a wedding in Serifos Island!


In Koutalas, the seaside settlement on the southwest side of Serifos – where there are still
ruins of the mining era (loading ladder, wagon, and other machinery) – dominates the beautiful
Chapel of Agia Theodora. It is built in an amphitheater position to overlook the beach while
from its courtyard one can enjoy the excellent view.

The settlement also has the homonymous beach, with sand and pebbles as well as countless
tamarisk trees that generously give their shade to visitors.

On the beach, there are a number of small stone houses that the residents use as summer
residences as well as a traditional tavern.


On the one hand, the picturesque chapel and on the other the tavern on the sea create the basis
to make your wedding day special. With Cycladic aroma and metal, rocks, sun, sand, sea,
wind, seagulls, and wildflowers serving as the main materials, we have all the ingredients; all
you have to do is say yes, and we, Koumpares, will take care of the rest!

Special Thanks – in that order – for accommodation, transportation, and photography:

The Event Planners